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At the Hammarsdale interchange on the N3 between Durban and Pietermaritzburg near the planned Cato Ridge Intermodal Hub (Dry Port) or Logistics Hub as some are calling it, is the Hammarsdale industrial area. This area, with the new "spagetti junction" interchange and the Very Impressive Keystone Park, a logistic park with the likes of Mr Price Distribution Centre of nearly 7ha under roof and Pepcor with more than 9ha under roof.  Hammarsdale  is fast becoming the prefered industrial area with it being almost completely fully tenanted. There are portions of zoned land still available for the developers and or end user developer.  This is definitly the growth hub for the future.  Buyers and tenants in the Outer West area have worked out that they can travel to Hammarsdale in less time from Hillcrest then to Pinetown. They also have the benifit of the cheaper rents of +/-R38/m2 as well as much reduced electricity bill because of Eskom supply rather than Ethekwini. These are all the reasons why a few years ago Hammarsdale was +/- 50% vacant and now it is a nearly full. At these rentals and rates and electricity we are not surprised. For those still interested, KEYSTONE PARK is still in the very fortunate postition of having facilities to rent or buy. Turnkey opertunities are Still Available. Keystone - The Place To Be

Author: Peter Edmonds

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Hammarsdale, KwaZulu Natal

Hammarsdale is situated within the eThekwini Municipality, approximately 40 km from the Durban Port and 35 km from Pietermaritzburg. It has two components namely: the revitalized older portion and the new developments just up from the N3... More Info